Real-time intraoperative visualization to enhance surgeon confidence and prevent unintended bleeding


Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) allows surgeons to perform critical life-saving surgeries through tiny incisions, avoiding drastic scarring and many of the dangers inherent in Open procedures

Despite these benefits and high adoption rates in many procedure types, MIS adoption has plateaued in other areas due to the inherent limitations of existing equipment and surgical tools. Further, anticipated complication in complex cases and specific populations prevents effective MIS implementation.
  1. Limited field of vision and lack of haptic feedback causes a higher rate of damage to organs and tissues
  2. Inability to overcome complicating factors such as obesity, oncology, and reoperations
  3. Additional Cost of extra imaging equipment needed.
  4. Often longer OR time.

Introducing Smart Tools

Our tools address the drawbacks of MIS by pairing advanced optics with cutting-edge signal processing and artificial intelligence techniques, thus providing real-time information back to the surgeon.

System Features

Light detection using a proprietary algorithm for reliable differentiation between tissue types (blood vessels, ureter, etc.) On-screen visuals that overlay onto existing surgical video monitors Real-time feedback providing data on the presence and size of critical structures

Briteseed’s Smart Tools are truly unique in that they integrate advanced tissue localization capabilities into minimally invasive surgical tools. They require little to no training and minimize interruptions to surgical imaging workflow unlike other perioperative imaging technologies which remain laborious and costly.
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